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If you're nearsighted, the light rays passing through your cornea are not focusing properly on your retina. Intacs corneal implants correct nearsightedness by gently adjusting the shape of your cornea to allow light rays to focus precisely on the retina — producing clear, sharp vision.

Ultra-thin Intacs corneal implants are almost invisible in the eye and cannot be felt.

Lasers reshape your cornea by permanently removing tissue from the central optic zone. This tissue cannot be added back. When laser patients need an adjustment to their vision, additional tissue must be removed. If your prescription changes, more procedures and more tissue removal may be needed.

No tissue is removed during an Intacs corneal implant procedure. Intacs corneal implants change the curvature of your eye by adding ultra-thin ring segments, rather than removing tissue.

Imagine your cornea as a tent with a curved top. If you push out the sides of the tent, the top flattens.

Similarly, when Intacs corneal implants are placed in the sides of the cornea, they flatten it just enough to correct myopia. (See diagram at right)

Intacs corneal implants gently reshape the cornea for better vision.

If an adjustment is needed, Intacs corneal implants may be replaceable with a different prescription.

They can be completely removed if necessary, returning your eyes to much like their preoperative condition. Intacs corneal implants maintain your options like no other vision correction procedure.

For more information on Intacs procedures in the St. Louis area through Washington University Physicians or to make an appointment, please call 314-996-3300.

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