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LASIK surgery is seldom covered by insurance. There are rare circumstances involving specific coverages, but the insurance industry generally views refractive surgery as an elective process and not medically necessary. However, we do endeavor to make the cost affordable and help people to pay over time. You may consider the following plan:

Vision Payment Plan

This is a flexible monthly payment option offered through Capital OneTM Healthcare Finance. It is specifically designed for refractive surgery. Features include:

  • Apply in the office or from home
  • Low, fixed rates from 1.99% - 25.99% APR
  • Confidential, simple application
  • No prepayment penalty

*Ask about the Interest Free Financing Option.

For questions about payment or any other aspect of LASIK surgery, please call the Refractive Surgery Center in St. Louis, Missouri at 314-996-3300

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